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by:Nenki     2020-05-26
We all have a tendency to sometimes buy cheap for ourselves, my suggestion is not to do this when it comes to your head. Skiers, snowboarders, bicyclists, and motorcycle riders, anyone who does anything at high speeds (and not so high speeds) needs to make sure that they have the best helmet available. Did you know that on an average 40.6 people a year (in a 10 year period) have had fatal head injuries skiing or snowboarding? And head injuries happen to skiers 74% of the time. Go to the National Ski Areas Association website where there is a wealth of information on this site concerning statistics on skiing and snowboarding accidents. A motorcycle helmet may not prevent a tragedy but it will help in reducing or preventing an injury. Like the old saying goes 'it's better to have one and don't need it....rather than need one and don't have it'. When searching for a helmet absolutely make sure you read the safety specs on it. The motorcycle helmet should meet one of the following requirements: The Common European Norm (CEN) this organization develops various standards for products the European union uses. Cen 1077 is a European ski helmet standard issued in 1996. this standard is a twin to pre-existing standards in the 80's. This standard is for, 'impact management requirements'. The American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) this non-profit organization involves itself in a global forum that develops and publishes standards for materials, products, systems and services. F2040 is a recreational snowsports helmet standard adopted in May 2000. This standard has become the standard for manufacturing helmets in the U.S. Make sure ski and snowboard helmets have the ASTM stamp of approval. The Snell Memorial Foundation another non-profit organization has dedicated it's research to testing, education, and development of safety standards for helmets. The labs they have they use for testing and certify the safety standards of helmets. Snell has been around since 1957, and has been leading the way in helmet safety in the U.S. as well as being very respected worldwide. A very strict standard worldwide is the Snell RS-98 standard. The three organizations mentioned have dedicated themsleves to helmet safety and should be regarded as experts in their research. The U.S. Consumer ProdudtSafety Commission in January of '99 approved the use of snowsports helmets, this was based on the information provided by the three organizations mentioned. So when you're looking for your helmet just take your time and find the best fit for you an your loved ones.
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