What is the role of the items constituting the motorcycle helmet?

by:Nenki     2020-05-22
A good full face by shell, buffer layer, goggles, likewise, lining and hubei. The shell of the helmet shell has an important effect on security of the helmet, so the choice of the material is very important. In general. The material is ABS and glass fiber. Part of the motorcycle helmet also USES the high cost of carbon fiber mixture making helmet shell, carbon fiber helmet lighter weight, more safety. The main functions of the buffer layer buffer layer is to absorb the impact of the outside. Imagine that shell hard helmet without buffer layer, when faced with external shocks, will force through the hard shell direct effects on the head, make the head injury. So the buffer layer thickness, material quality determines the buffering capacity of the helmet. Buffer layer mainly adopts styrene foam materials. Goggles to protect the mirror to protect eyes and face, its material is plastic ( Such as polycarbonate resin) And the improved glass ( Such as PMMA resin) Etc. , including strengthening glass scratch-resistant performance is very excellent. In this recommendation reader as far as possible choose good material to make to protect the mirror, because of poor material easily broken and stabbed facial when hit. Is that the role of chinstrap chinstrap helmet firmly fixed in the head. The combination of are as follows: card button, ring type, garment type. Lined with main effect is to enhance the comfortable wear, usually made from soft flannelette. Protection of jaw jaw is part of the full face type helmet, namely under the nose more protect lips, chin, at the time of impact, gives more protection to the face. Choice helmet needs corresponding models, suvs and off-road helmets. Large displacement road car streetcar full face, daily walking can choose half helmet, summer long ride to facilitate the wearing off can choose jie face helmet.
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