What are the total class motorcycle helmet

by:Nenki     2020-05-22
Safety helmet is every knight necessary safety protection products, as long as you must wear when cycling, so important and intimate things, how can casually dealing with settles? How to in numerous brands and types, the choice of a suitable for their own safety helmet? This article will take you to get to know choosing safety helmet, should pay attention to matters! A type, the consumer can buy the helmet on the market, roughly divided into four categories, respectively: half a bell type, three-quarters type, full cover can lift ( Jie cap) With full helmet. Half bell type helmet say again then is the most common type of helmet street, has small volume, good wear off, good to receive advantages, disadvantages because of small size, scope of protection is quite limited, may also be because at the time of the accident caused by helmet from outside force, to protect the head, with safety point of view, do not recommend buying this type of cap. Half a bell type helmet three-quarters type helmet on the type of membership half bell type, but the protective better than regular course. Three-quarters of the helmet advantage is that can give good head protection and coating, volume more half a bell type motorcycle helmet also gotten much bigger, the vast majority of three-quarters of the helmet can have ventilation design, stuffy feeling out to wear a helmet, and disadvantages for the do not make the cladding, parts design based protection, extend the lens to jaw do easier jaw parts damage, at the time of the accident only Arai SZ - at the moment Ram series, MZ by Snell certification, can provide the protection effect of approximate total cover cap. Three-quarters of type of helmet is relatively lack of three-quarters of the mandible place protection of AGV type helmet ARAI SZ - RAM4 is a few on the market by three-quarters of the SNELL certification type helmet jie face cap type with the bell type helmet on the pattern is very similar to that of the previous armor designed to be movable type, can up with lens, easy to wear to take off the cap body and replenish moisture, both the three-quarters of cap is convenient and the safety of the whole cup, due to the wave action with soda is easy when the TAB to pull up the similar, therefore, commonly known as for coke soda cap or hat, but its disadvantages because of the design of the movable visor, overall cap heavy even beyond the bell type helmet, long-term wearing appear fatigue more easily. SOL domestic jie face helmet of face in front of the helmet with a removable cover the whole type helmet can complete covering the head, can provide the best protection, most of the racing game, for the sake of driver safety, are required to wear in conformity with the provisions of the bell type helmet, relatively is more difficult to take off, receive the disadvantage of not easily, especially the cladding type design, generally make wear knight head feel is hot, but the manufacturer has also been the ventilation system of the cap body against doing diligence, able to ride greatly reduce discomfort, based on security considerations, we recommend or try to choose such a safety helmet.
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