Wear motorcycle helmets how to correctly

by:Nenki     2020-05-22
Long process of motorized brigade a poor comfort's helmet make drivers feel discomfort, greatly reduce the ride safety, helmets are should be the right way to uncover mirror should be using the helmet itself dial, and makes the mirror up. If worn many different helmet, our basic can understand, full face on the structure of basic same, the difference is that inside the lock. Ever wear ring lock, insert button wear is extremely convenient. People in the journey - — Helmets are how should ring lock. The first step to wear a helmet, a grip on both sides of the helmet lock a lot of the fans friends like directly by hand grasp helmet wearing, will make the lining can't totally covering the whole head. Is not the right way to wear! Use after being caught on either side of the lock, and success will helmet head. The right to wear, the top of the helmet liner, eyebrows distance is about 1 cm. Don't be too high and should not be too low in the right way to wear a helmet, we should be easy to lock fastening success. Button lock, and then after some bobbing, helmet is still tightly around his head, no change location, illustrate the helmet has been very successful with good! Wear a good helmet, face sponge is tightly to the face, slightly a little sense of extrusion belongs to the normal phenomenon, don't cry because it is feel uncomfortable and choose slants big motorcycle helmet. is too big, can not protect the head, but also not beautiful! We through the two different sizes of motorcycle helmet, and made the contrast, facial wrapped tightly wrapped in the motorcycle helmet no head.
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