The technological principle of the motorcycle helmet how much are you clear?

by:Nenki     2020-05-23
Motorcycle helmet looks very simple, but are independent of each other in glossy shell component design, these components together, can protect your head from the collision accident. Modern motorcycle helmet is far from a beautiful shell glued on the bubble. It is a complex, multi-layered technology systems. Is here to see a helmet in five main system and how they work. The shell is not exclusive tortoise. Enclosure is the first line of defense, to absorb impact energy and dispersion. Two main structure with fiber glass and polycarbonate. More specific, the glass fiber shell can use any fiber reinforced materials, including glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramid. The order of the different materials with different structure, as a result, shell, thin and hard. In these cases by increasing or decreasing material layer can take the shell becomes thicker or thinner. Composite shell is high density, which is why cheap motorcycle helmet is made of meeting desquamate polycarbonate plastic. Usually these shell shell thick than compound. Shell will often bear the impact of small, when you stop falling from his seat, for example, will not harm for your protection. Fender-bender or scratch it would not be affected. Any than small knock against invisible can produce serious damage, so better to put your helmet trust again after back to factory to check it. Any strong impact will put an end to the service life of the helmet. Buffer layer by EPS ( Expanded polystyrene) Clip, often several different density together, through deformation and absorb shock to slow down the movement. Sportsmen said falling is not kill, but after a cardiac arrest. The same applies to the head injury. When hit to the helmet, the inside of the head is still in motion until meet the impact will stop. Although some certification need helmet hit multiple times in one place, once the expanded polystyrene are squeezed, it will not deformation back to its original state, it will not provide the same level of protection again. is serious enough, liner deformation, the motorcycle helmet can't use, but can be used to make very nice lamp shade. Lining the main work is to make the helmet cover the head, prevent head shaking or rotation. It also has the effect of internal noise, reduce the motorcycle helmet ACTS as a barrier between you and foamed polystyrene, absorb the impact and degradable foamed polystyrene sweat and skin oils. A good helmet with a comfortable lining can unpick and wash. The stand or fall of many drivers to evaluate helmet according to how they fit curve of the face, but close to the rest of the head that is also very important. Mask obviously is very important, it can let you see the road, also can prevent things from the road up, hit you in the face. Good mask made of polycarbonate, after the penetration resistance test. Tighten on the helmet, fixed system must go through a lot of tests to test how it was pulling resistance. Double D ring and ratchet or no safety differences between the quickdraw - — All types can be found through testing - — But there is no spring and hinge on the D ring, which is why many cyclists and almost all professional cyclists are more like them. The chin buckle, can't let helmet forward, falling head.
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