The history of the motorcycle helmet

by:Nenki     2020-05-23
Believe that the vast majority of people believe that the motorcycle helmet motorcycle helmet from the war, like world war ii with a helmet on a BMW R71 handsome German soldiers, but the invention of the motorcycle helmet with war motorcycle helmet is really doesn't matter much. was the earliest British Brooklands circuit, this is the place where a held events including motorcycle. It was 1914, and is responsible for the tournament doctor Eric Gardner, see have motorcycle hand injury, every two weeks and he find a place to use the material of canvas and shellfish produced the world's first batch of the helmet. Made of shellfish and canvas material after the first motorcycle helmet, he recommend this product to the industry association, was being rejected. But soon, in the isle of man TT, Gardner, the doctor took 94 homemade helmet to the isle of man, because of a driver wearing a helmet and avoid the head. Since then, the organisers of the isle of man and the drivers for the helmet began to show interest.
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