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Open Face Motorcycle Helmets - Are They Safe and Beneficial?

Open Face Motorcycle Helmets - Are They Safe and Beneficial?


People of all ages and genders love to ride a bike. Some individuals ride for fun, whereas others participate in competitions. No matter the reason, bike riding comes with serious injuries. You need to cover your body with protective gear to sustain the shocks and bumps of collisions. The head is the most important part that needs particular attention. This is where motorcycle helmets come into the picture to help out. All you should do is buy suitable head protection from reliable motorcycle helmets manufacturers. However, there’s a big debate on whether or not you should buy open face motorcycle helmets. Let’s understand what helmet is and how an open face head helmet can help out.


What are helmets?

undefinedEssentially, they’re protective gear that covers your head. Precisely, a helmet resembles the skull to protect your brain. In layman terms, it covers your skull and the brain within. Helmets are made out of two layers - an outer layer and an inner layer. The outer layer is made out of hard materials that come in contact with the ground or hard substances during accidents. On the other side, the inner layer is made out of soft materials that preserve your head from bumps during collisions and mishaps.

Types of bike helmets

Basically, there are two types of helmets for riders. The most common one is the open face helmet. It covers your head but keeps your face uncovered. Then you’ve a full-face helmet. It covers your head as well as the face. Some people argue that a full-face helmet renders the best protection. On the flip side, certain experts believe that open face motorcycle helmets are a better bet. Let’s figure out how an open face helmet can benefit you.

Benefits of an open face helmet

Racing has been cherished for ages. However, the advancements in technology have taken the racing thrills to a new level. Some bikers love riding without helmets, whereas others prefer to put on complete covering. To make things easier and balanced, many motorcycle helmets manufacturers offer open face helmets. Some of the key benefits of open face head helmets are detailed below.

undefinedBetter visibility

Visibility is a major concern while riding bikes. This is even more correct if you drive fast. You need to see things clearly and identify obstacles that may come in the way. If you fail to do that, you may hit a hard object and sustain injuries. Also, your bike could get damaged.

A full-face helmet has a glass covering over your face. While it’s supposed to render better protection, it impedes your visibility. You can’t see things clearly through the glass. The situation could be more pressing when dust and dirt collect on the helmet glass. If this is the case, you’ll have to drive slowly, and that could be annoying.

The scene is different with open face motorcycle helmets. The question of dust and debris collecting on the glass doesn’t arise. Also, you can see clearly. Enhanced visibility leads to speedy rides with minimum hassles.


Carrying any sort of weight can be a cumbersome task. This is more so with respect to your head. However, you can’t ride without wearing a protective jacket and helmet. If you do so, you expose yourself to numerous threats. However, protective wearing carries weight. While you can’t avoid them, you may reduce some weight.

Buying an open helmet from reliable motorcycle helmets manufacturers are an easy way to reduce the weight on your head. A light-weight open helmet minimizes irritation and lets you concentrate on driving. Plus, riding and racing become easy due to the lightweight gear. This, in turn, ensures a better riding experience.


There’s a heated debate that a full-face head helmet is a better option over an open face model. Apparently, the discussion favors a full-face model. However, if you take a close look, an open face model turns out to be a winner.

You may wonder how an open helmet can render better safety over a full-face helmet. Let’s understand this with a simple example. Suppose you ride with the closed-face gear. Your face will be fully covered and you may hardly sustain facial injuries in the case of an accident.

However, a covered face exposes you to less visibility risk, which increases the chances of accidents. If the accident is severe, you could injure your other body parts. Plus, your vehicle could get damaged beyond repairs.

Open face motorcycle helmets avoid the instances of accidents resulting from visibility problems. Also, you stay more focused when your face is open. Better focus and increased visibility translate to enhanced safety while surfing through highways and dangerous roads.

Motorcycle Goggles Mask  For 3/4 Motorcycle helmets And Retro Harley helmet NK-1019US Detachable Mask US Flag StyleAffordable

Buying protective gear can be a pricey affair. This is more so in the case of head-covers such as helmets. A good quality helmet, especially a full-face model can cost you substantial money. If you’re on a tight budget, your financial limit can keep you from buying a suitable head-cover.

Open helmets from reputed motorcycle helmets manufacturers are priced in a modest range. Without shelling out too much, you can own a top-class helmet to protect your head and take your rides.

Better communication

If your face is covered, you can’t talk to other bikers or vehicle owners. You may likely need some help on the route. For that, you’ve to remove your helmet and communicate. Also, talking to fellow riders is an issue with a covered face.

Open face motorcycle helmets overcome this problem. You could communicate with pillions and fellow riders easily and hear them clearly without removing your helmet. You may even poke, smile, or show other gestures while riding.

Bottom line

The above points clearly outline why open face motorcycle helmets are a better bet. They surpass full-face helmets on many grounds. Better visibility, safety, affordability, better communication, etc. are some of the appealing benefits of an open helmet. For these reasons, many biking experts endorse an open face head helmet. If you wish to tap these benefits, buy this lovely protective gear. Just make certain you check reliable motorcycle helmets manufacturers to make the best out of your investment.

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