Motorcycle helmet size

by:Nenki     2020-05-23
of suitability in general, all can be put on any head type. But should pay attention to the helmet of permeability and the size of the size. Wear a helmet should not be a helmet when bike le neck tightly and tightly wrap the head cause breathing disorders. Shook his head at the same time, the size of the helmet should choose as far as possible the helmet doesn't move, frequent pluck also too won't wear a motorcycle helmet when put on the bottom cover suitable motorcycle helmet. Because everyone's head shape is different, so before buy helmets, consumers need accurate measurement on his own head type. Type measuring head size, namely the measurement from the eyebrow bone to head circumference of head size. when the choose and buy, it is necessary to choose their own head circumference size is greater than 1 ~ 2 cm of the helmet, so you can make yourself more comfortable to wear.
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