Motorcycle helmet simple identification method

by:Nenki     2020-05-22
1, the application of hard shell, durable, can absorb more impact energy materials; Buffer layer can absorb more impact energy should be used, non-toxic and harmless material, covering the head reserves; Liner with absorb sweat, breathable material composition and so on; Wearing a secure device to ensure the helmet in contact with the head; Goggles by meet the pervious to light performance and impact of materials, light transmittance should not less than 85%. 2, the weight of the helmet, full face is not greater than 1. 6 kg, half motorcycle helmet is not greater than 1. 3 kg. The level is not less than 105 ° view around on the field of vision is not less than 7 °. 3, the helmet must be fixed. The logo should have the following content: product name, production producer name and address, logo, product variety, product models, specifications, production date, batch number or serial number. 4, the choose and buy the helmet must choose according to their head circumference, big ( 580mm - 600毫米) (in, 560mm - 580毫米) 。 5, motorcycle helmet had larger should stop to use after the crash.
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