Motorcycle helmet safety performance in what way

by:Nenki     2020-05-23
In general, is the first consideration when choosing a helmet wearing helmet with a neck that bear the burden of balance in the body to feel its weight. symmetry is very important, because the helmet's center of gravity the nearer the head of the center of gravity is not easy to fatigue. So important is not the helmet itself weight, but in the helmet how to balance performance. From a security point of view, when there is a strong impact of helmets, helmet inside the soft foam spacer can make shocks do not hurt people's head. Some bad loss helmet is almost in the same place three or four was hit. Permeability on the motorcycle helmet, not the helmet itself protective sleeve opening near install ventilation device, but in the protective set set installed on the body, basically is to try to expand the helmet can protect range by hit. of suitability in general, all can be put on any head type. But should pay attention to the helmet of permeability and the size of the size. Wear a helmet should not be a helmet when bike le neck tightly and tightly wrap the head cause breathing disorders. Shook his head at the same time, the size of the helmet should choose as far as possible the helmet doesn't move, frequent pluck also too won't wear a helmet when put on the bottom cover of appropriate safety helmet. A helmet is riding a motorcycle is important to protect head alleviate collision protection tools. And more than 75% of the motorcycle, major traffic accident are not wearing a helmet or helmets are failed to cause of head injury. Full face helmet atmosphere and half helmet two kinds big, half helmet is divided into half helmet and 3/4 helmet. 1/2 helmet not including ear cap body protection, also known as wear ear is revealed, 3/4 downward extension protect ear full face helmet cap body is divided into off-road helmets ( Pull a helmet) , jie face helmet and ordinary full face. Ordinary full face can apply to most of the knight, especially motorcycle sports car enthusiasts, because the average full face surrounded by sex is good. And jie face helmet motorcyclists suitable for long distance travel, because you can only have the front part, easy to drink, smoke, chat, etc. , not the whole helmet off frequently. Cross-country helmet is suitable for off-road knight, of course, because it is extended to protect the mouth parts are better able to protect the knight's face and mouth. Half helmet is only suitable for riding a few small displacement, or slow cruise motorcycle.
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