Motorcycle helmet product model and product material

by:Nenki     2020-05-23

Product model: 1. Full face , have relatively perfect full head protection function, but the lack of ventilation, is silent. 2. Off-road helmets , common motocross, there is usually no goggles, modelling is very popular. Motorcycle helmets motorcycle helmet ( 6) 3. Three quarters of the helmet , there is no protection of full face shape similar to his chin. also belong to this popular air force. 4. Half helmet  , also known as Harley helmets, ignoring his chin and after brain protection. Disabled by some countries and regions. 5. Assembly on the helmet, lift type helmet  , chin device can be turned up, completely from full face to 3/4 helmet. Product material: the stand or fall of helmet - — Article 1 the helmet shell shell material. Common is ABS resin materials, such as Taiwan's chi mei brand. This is a kind of engineering plastics, impact resistant capability is strong, good dimensional stability. The material motorcycle helmet market: usually full face between one hundred to three hundred. 2. PC + ABS alloy material is better than ABS, strength and toughness increase a lot of, also improved on low temperature impact performance. At present domestic can the alloys used in relatively wide helmets. 2. Glass fiber reinforced plastic is better than ABS, more light, but also more difficult to do, production is low, so also more expensive than the ABS. 3. The best should be carbon fiber, very fast, light weight, high technical content, very expensive! ! ! ( This material can be used to make fishing rods. ) 4. Can only make the toy helmet, safety of PP material is very poor. Don't have to consider.
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