Motorcycle helmet of role are you clear?

by:Nenki     2020-05-22
When you're driving a motorcycle, if emergency motorcycle helmet can effectively reduce the impact of the head, thus protecting the head to reduce damage. According to concerning sectional statistic motorcycle accident is 80% of all fatal injury and brain injury, so for the helmet is a basic safety equipment. in addition to reducing the impact damage to you, there are other many other functions. Reduce noise to protect your hearing from the attack of road of scatters content to reduce the influence of air flow to the line of sight when the day is cold also can play a variety of warm wind motorcycle helmet, divided into several categories, full face, off-road helmets, jie face helmet, half helmet. Different needs, different models, different road conditions required to wear helmets are also different. Full face in all kinds of helmet, full face protective is better, in MotoGP, WSBK high risk such as motorcycle race drivers must be unified wearing a full face, riding a large displacement motorcycles motorcycle enthusiasts surely full face is preferred; Three-quarters of helmets, half helmet, jie helmets have better comfort and ventilation, and easy to wear, but the protective performance is better than full face, so more suitable for some small riding bikes to daily walking of the friends. Riding off-road vehicles must wear a helmet, off-road riding off-road vehicles are easy to feel tired, and to fall, off-road helmets exaggerated modelling is not only for good-looking, off-road helmets on the surface of the mouth is designed in order to prevent the rider's jaw, direct contact with the ground surface design is reasonable, so the mouth bring better protection to the knight's jaw. Outstanding visor is also in order to avoid the overhead when car fly in mid-air when the sun was shining in the line of sight is not good and cause an accident.
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