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by:Nenki     2020-05-23
Motorcycle helmet manufacturers according to the application is divided into four kinds, 1/2 helmet hat body protection range does not include the ear; Three-quarters of helmet than 1/2 helmet hat body protection range is extended to the ear; Open helmet extend down more than three-quarters of the side of the helmet, these three helmets together the half motorcycle helmet. Full face cap body protection range includes eyes, face and jaw, and protect the jaw parts of the shell structure, four kinds of helmet, respectively. In order to verify the helmet in motorcycle traffic accident to protect the head, plays the important role of Japan in 2001 traffic accident analysis center 280 motorcycle accidents in ibaraki prefecture, Japan has carried on the statistical analysis. , at the time of the accident caused by correct tie strap not according to stipulations have accounted for more than half helmet off, make the function of the helmet not normal to play; And right cingulate but helmet off case has 6 pieces, but 5 1/2 helmet wearing parts. Don't wear a helmet had a head injury accounted for 67. 4%, more than a helmet high injury rate 2. 19 times, the effect of a helmet is obvious. At the time of the accident helmet off head injury caused by the proportion of higher than helmet off about 1. 98 times, high death rate of about 4. 35 times. So be right cingulate, prevent the helmet off when the accident is very important. Look from the types of wear helmets and wounded proportion, half helmet than full face vulnerable head, this is mainly the protection range of the half helmet is small, covering the scope of the head is limited, so is only applicable to small displacement motorcycle riding slower. Riding motorcycles, and drive a car, the whole body exposed, if their safety awareness is poor, the wounded is likely, therefore must according to their own riding cars, use to select a suitable motorcycle helmet, and properly tie strap. But please remember, site with safety helmet is not equal to a motorcycle helmet, to really do not wear a helmet riding motorcycles, no traffic hidden trouble, try to avoid traffic accidents. Our country is motorcycle production country, the annual output has more than 10 million vehicles, motorcycles has about 40 million cars. It is reported that since the late 1980 s, China's traffic accident death toll for 10 years in a row first in the world, from the point of motorcycle casualties, most of them are due to wear caused by inferior helmets and incorrect to wear a helmet. In April 2003, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of motorcycle helmet products quality supervision and spot check, including seventy percent of helmet unsafe, absorb collision energy and penetration resistance of serious quality problem, goggles, structure size and wear a device is not in conformity with the standards, when motorcycle 40 km per hour, once the collision with the front, the impact force will reach 2000-6000 kg, and the strength of the human skull is only 100 kg, think about how dangerous. In order to understand the motorcycle helmet wearing situation, a reporter once in October 2003 in jiaxing city road, 320 national road, hongxing road no. 2 bridge and so on 11 traffic patrol ZhiQinDian 705 motorcycle rider in the statistics, including the right to wear a helmet only 209 people, less than 30%. Due to riding a helmet is not lace-up or inferior motorcycle helmet law did not make clear a regulation, no punishment, so traffic patrol normally only dealing with education, it is also the cause of rider does not pay attention to an important factor. Due to the introduction of a motorcycle helmet quality testing equipment at least millions or even tens of millions of yuan, generally places don't have the ability to buy, so the motorcycle helmet quality only by 1-2 specified in the quality inspection department to test, for this cause vacuum helmet sales management. Motorcycle rider in addition to consciously abide by traffic rules, correct wear motorcycle helmets, still should strengthen the consciousness, to the safety of yourself and your family, don't buy and use inferior counterfeit motorcycle helmet. Below is a simple identification method of motorcycle helmet: 1. Shell application quality of a material is solid, durable, can absorb more impact energy of materials; Buffer layer can absorb more impact energy should be used, non-toxic and harmless material, covering the head reserves; Liner with absorb sweat, breathable material composition and so on; Wear a device to ensure the helmet firm contact with the head; Goggles by meet the pervious to light performance and impact of materials, light transmittance should not less than 85%. 2. The weight of the helmet requirements: full face & lt; 1. 6 kg, half helmet & lt; 1. About 3 kg, level vision & gt; On the 105 °, vision & gt; 7°。 3. The helmet must have a fixed sign, such as product name, production producer name and address, logo, product variety, product type, specification, production date, batch number or serial number. 4. head circumference in large, medium and small three sizes, 580 ~ 600, in 560 ~ 580 mm, 540 mm to 560 mm, the choose and buy the helmet must be according to your own head circumference to choose the right number. 5. The helmet should stop use after bigger crash happened. 【 Wholesale motorcycle helmet 】
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