Motorcycle helmet how to cleaning

by:Nenki     2020-05-22
Many cyclists may not really cleaned their helmets, also just wipe off the dirt on the surface of the. liner under the long-term wear, inhaling the driver's sweat, cause there will be odor distributing, and breeding of bacteria, is bad to the health of the driver. Today we give you clean helmet, do a small demo, let everybody to be able to clear understanding of the motorcycle helmet clean way. 1, the demolition of lining should pay attention to, don't use brute force, in case the lining damage. 2, must use to join cleaner water, soaking for 20 minutes or more. 3, don't to the washing machine to dry lining, lining is generally connected to plastic parts, may lead to plastic parts damage. 4, wipe the lenses must use clear water after soaking, try to touch with your hand dirty content, wait for after fouling material softening wipe gently with the palm with water, the ending after rinse again with a soft cloth to wipe dry. 5, in the order before disassembly, reverse installation back and install the lens at the end. 6, helmet outside many times can use wet dishcloth to wipe to clean and tidy. 7, can be in helmet paint spray paint by using wax for maintenance. 8, also not installed helmet also can according to individual requirements, uv disinfection of air in the sun.
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