Motorcycle helmet how to choose?

by:Nenki     2020-05-22
1, choose to suit oneself head type helmet helmet whether directly to decide whether it should be the appropriate protection, wear not too loose, when the nor too tight. Helmets too loose will lead to hit to the head secondary injury, or directly from the head; Too tight, may not be able to wear, or excessive tightening head wear, no comfort; A direct feeling is after wearing helmets, facial muscles were helmet liners jacking, so doesn't make the second head injury already, can prevent the motorcycle helmet from the danger of more. 2, the different material's helmet: helmet with ABS plastic, glass fiber and carbon fiber production ABS plastic: ordinary helmet basic use ABS material, although the material cost is not high, but different brand use ABS material has good and bad, and strength is decided according to the stand or fall of material; And made of ABS helmet is relatively heavy, the price is in hundreds of yuan to one thousand yuan. The material is widely used in automobiles, electrical and electronic, office and communication equipment, etc. Glass fiber reinforced plastic: relative to the material made of helmet ABS material is qualitative light, hard motorcycle helmet, has high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, and recycling use of the advantages of less. The material is widely used in industry and daily life are all in good performance. This kind of helmet production is not high, price moderate. Carbon fiber: the material quality is lighter than aluminum, but strength is higher than that of steel, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high modulus, in national defense and civilian aspects is important material. Known as the F1 car body are made of this material helmet price in one thousand yuan of above.
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