Motorcycle helmet helmet type classification

by:Nenki     2020-05-22
Yohe: refers to the meaning, fully enclosed helmet after wear, only the lens can open and close, high safety coefficient, the inside of the motorcycle helmet can protect the head of the buffer to the every part, will be better able to reduce the wind resistance, noise reduction, this is also why the motorcycle race use full face, dressed in life more troublesome, if open the lens still blocked the mouth, when the car still is hot in summer. Half helmet: safety coefficient is low, after all, only to protect the head three-quarters of the area, it is more convenient to wear, can wear a motorcycle helmet to communicate directly. Jie face helmet: the equivalent of a full face of a deformation, mostly dual lens, suitable for the brigade and urban commuter, drink water can directly with the motorcycle helmet while driving, with sliding clasp, but under special circumstances exist card buckle the possibility of loss, and the full face use double D clasp, more stronger. Off-road helmets: increased the outstretched brim, can keep out sunshine during the leap, mouth leave a larger space, effectively protect the mouth and chin, eye opening cross-country glasses can be worn to prevent the dust into the eyes, full face dust protective shortage, it is mainly used for off-road, the paving the road cycling.
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