How much do you know cleaning method of motorcycle helmet?

by:Nenki     2020-05-23
Motorcycle motorcycle helmet market has been dominated by carbon fiber this lightweight material, each big brand has been continuously reduce the weight of the helmet, through to the helmet shell part of technical innovation, using carbon fiber helmet seems to have become the leading industry selection. And formed in the course of motorcycle users 'the lighter the better, the lighter the expensive' concept, but the fact is it true? In be used actually, this kind of lightweight helmet but gives riders are not perfect experience, helmet cannot break stay outside, but under the influence of wind speed up continuously, brought riding a potential threat. Devotion to light of stability and protection, while ignoring the helmet could be a big fan technology era of safe hidden trouble. Therefore, we can see that some brands at the time of new products, has been to avoid the light as a product point of a series of security problems, such as AGV closer to launch K5 series, shell USES a composite fiber, weight for 1390 + 50 grams, carbon fiber helmet weight 1200 grams heavier than before more than one hundred grams. Integration design of spoiler significantly reduce airflow resistance, anti-fog lens design with built-in light, all lenses by XQRS ( Quick release system) , do not need special tools to achieve quick disassembling. 1. Inside the helmet clean after the helmet use for a long time, often have a dirt deposited its internal and produce peculiar smell. In case of the situation, should be washed. Use the cleaner with neutral as well, use the shampoo is better. To avoid odor detergent left, should control its usage. Inside the scrub helmet, do not force too big. Otherwise, can make the buffer material deformation, the loss of its buffering function. After clean, with a towel or paper towels to wipe water and put in ventilated place dry naturally, avoid by all means use hair dryer, etc. Eternal helmet type detachable lining have solved the problem of internal clean helmet. 2. On the surface of the helmet maintenance than inside the helmet helmet surface dirt more easily, so wipe the surface is often do work. If it comes to the helmet have stains, first of all to besmirch wipe with wet cloth, and then use it will take use of water wax or polishing wax rub is brushed, make helmet clean and bright. Also can use special helmet light agent, its effect is better. 3. to protect the mirror device maintenance due to protect the mirror is transparent, take special care when wiping. Join the water cleaning to protect the mirror, with a neutral detergent, hand washing, then wash thoroughly with running water, then water to wipe with a soft cotton cloth or paper towel in. After a surface on the outside of the brush with water wax or antistatic agent, it can reduce the dust adhesion and speed up the flow of rainwater. To protect the mirror inside, should besmear prevent mist, the evening to reduce the mist attached to play an important role. When driving in the rain down to protect the mirror, of course, also should pay attention to breathing method, in order to reduce the mist in the mirror.
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