Helmet parts little guide

by:Nenki     2020-05-25
1, use fixed number of year: when buy helmets, to confirm whether there is a relevant certification, in addition, also remember to pay attention to the helmet use fixed number of year, usually for a 3 - 5 years ( use fixed number of year of different materials have different) 。 If the helmet after external shocks, appearance is no damage, the internal buffer material has deformation, unable to provide effective protection, please do not use again. 2, ventilated sex: helmet after the actual wind tunnel experiments, has practical utility to be listed. Parts manufacturer has a mirror defogging design, such as Free Flow System Free air System, it is to integrate the lens above his mouth, jaw opening and neck guide plate design, and jaw opening opens, can be a mirror to the success of away, and greatly improve the efficiency of mist. 3, lens: high quality lenses with safety design, not only is not easy to damage, but not broken, that is to say, no matter how twisted bent, more is the crack will not shatter. Don't have to worry about the broken piece cut, and the lens itself is a 3 d shape, is not very thick, so the image dispersion situation almost none. 4, lining: each helmet is pursuing a comfortable lining, usually include the top of the head at the top of the main gasket, the ear pads on both sides of the ear. Good lining is not only helpful to the head and helmet body or, more important is also the function of shock absorption. Most quality helmet liner dirty can tear open come down to wash, can buy to replace, also have different thickness to achieve really suits your face helmets. 5, bind: when we wear the helmet, don't be careless or lazy and didn't fasten belt safety clasp. Quality of the pull of the helmet strap are through strict test, double D ring fixed buckle is safer a safety clasp, buckle it can prevent an accident helmet flew out of the tragedy. 6, size: buy safety helmet, should measure their head circumference size, by the amount above the eyebrows, head wide, to obtain the result size. New helmets are usually a bit tight, my face face is very normal, as if the temples and the top of the head feel obvious oppression that small, wear a helmet that size for a long time, and have a headache now. Obvious shook his head from side to side, causing the helmet is not advisable. If too much shaking test helmet, larger helmet on the road will not only air leakage, more important is vigorous quiver when high speed, occurred situation has started to the effective protection. is the important safety equipment, must choose the right size. 7, design and color: each TouKuiChang are constantly introduced type characteristics of the new design and color, in addition to have a inspection, design and color is also on behalf of the fashion. Newbie on the road, it is suggested that the choose and buy more bright-coloured helmet, more eye-catching. Please avoid to use paint or spray paint, a lot of paint is corrosive. To clean helmet use clear water or the helmet special cleaner. 8, cleaning: according to the survey, 75% of motorcycle riders do not have the habit of cleaning helmets, riding when sweating, and inner difficult ventilation, bacteria, knights wear the helmet not clean may cause skin diseases. When it's sunny remember to put the helmet horse sun is basked in the sunshine. Part way of knights used water to wash clean helmet liners, pay attention to timely to dry drying, now many knights will choose motorcycle helmet special-purpose detergent more quickly and effectively clean helmet.
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