Electric car helmet how to choose? Does not destroy hair fashion, cool and refreshing, safety helmets have?

by:Nenki     2020-05-24
Around the electric car after the New Deal, traffic administration is to strengthen the management of the road of non-motor vehicles, crackdown on objects or electric vehicles, of course, in addition to routine to investigate and punish the illegal manned, motor vehicle road, retrograde, don't listed outside, to ride the behavior of the electric car is not wearing a helmet also face penalties. In April 2019, has issued the 'regulations on the administration of a non-motor vehicle in zhejiang province' article 22 electric bicycle traffic regulations in 9 cases of drivers and carrying children should wear a motorcycle helmet, in addition, jiangsu province, Beijing for electric bicycle helmets have relevant laws and regulations. That is to say, it is illegal to ride a electric bicycle is not wearing a helmet. The purpose of wearing a helmet or protect our personal safety, is not only a formal, we should how to select the right helmet? First of all, we know the basic common sense, electric car motorcycle helmet electric helmet can refer to a motorcycle helmet, accident is rusty, security threats are the same for life. quality is better, the better for the protection of the head. Electric cars helmet into full face, 3/4 helmet, half helmet, assembly helmet, etc. A few classes.
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