Application of motorcycle helmet material and classification

by:Nenki     2020-05-23
Motorcycle motorcycle helmet material have? 1. Common is ABS resin materials, such as Taiwan's chi mei brand. This is a kind of engineering plastics, impact resistant capability is strong, good dimensional stability. The material motorcycle helmet market: usually full face between one hundred to three hundred. 2. PC + ABS alloy material is better than ABS, strength and toughness increase a lot of, also improved on low temperature impact performance. At present domestic can the alloys used in relatively wide helmets. 3. Glass fiber reinforced plastic is better than ABS, more light, but also more difficult to do, production is low, so also more expensive than the ABS. 4. The best should be carbon fiber, very fast, light weight, high technical content, very expensive! ! ! ( This material can be used to make fishing rods. ) 5. Can only make the toy helmet, safety of PP material is very poor. Don't have to consider. After know materials, let's take a look at these materials can be finally made of fusion which helmet? Full face with the most fully protect the wind noise minimum face eyes comprehensive protection more expensive, best for external sense the weakest relatively heavy, easy cause neck fatigue dual helmet combines the advantages of off-road helmets with full face helmet road off-road can use wide vision, also can use goggles jaw is longer, with a visor, from cross-country helmet design wind noise is bigger, visor open helmet also called. 543 slugging helmet larger wind resistance, as the name implies, 3/4 of the helmet to protect the head. Protective helmets and moderate degree of freedom advantages: allows you to the good feelings outside faults: wrestling face to protect the weaker eye opening off-road helmets so that you can wear goggles to prevent dust into the eyes, lack of full face of dust protective jaw long visor to protect the mouth and chin visor to keep out sunshine when you leap high speed wind resistance jie face larger helmet chin part can rise. 543 slugging can either as a full face and as a helmet is suitable for police and commuters, convenient talk and eat half helmet cool, light, cheap the least protection area, some local laws do not allow ( The United States) Protective, lowest on the market has a lot of bad this kind of helmet, protective is rather poor helmet still has a lot of knowledge need to know, every road rider to choose to suit his motorcycle motorcycle helmet, which ensures that the biggest security, road ten million, safety first!
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