A minute to find suitable for your motorcycle helmet

by:Nenki     2020-05-24
Motorcycle is in the public eye 'meat bag iron', as the body without the protection measures in motorcycle riding down the impact of happens, serious head injury, because the head at a higher and more prominent position, lead to head tend to be first or into the vehicle, and other objects, and the head in a car accident occurs, often cannot bear the traffic accident caused by the huge power. Studies have shown that the use of helmets can greatly reduce the mortality rate, reduce accident harm to the person to smaller. How to choose a suitable helmet? Helmets are divided into; Full face, 3/4 helmet and half helmet and off-road helmets. Is not the same as the purpose of course choose helmet is different also. 1, the full face is a common car with his motorcycle helmet, all the head cover, have high protective for racing and part of the journey. 2, 3/4 helmet in protection and comfort are more general, suitable for riding or walking downtown wear restoring ancient ways. 3, half helmet protective is poorer, but has good comfort and convenience, suitable for low speed or vintage models wearing short distance downtown instead of walking. 4, off-road helmets distinctive modelling, exaggerated. Off-road sport is not the pursuit of speed, so not too much to consider when helmet design wind resistance problem long brim can keep out sunshine, goggles can resist the splash of sand, so the off-road helmets for tension or pure cross-country wear. Part 5, jie face helmet, mask can be up to the top of the head, easy wear and daily use, like smoking or drinking, when to take off the helmet can not pick glasses. And low speed up to can breathe freely, close is a full face. Structural strength than full face, of course, would be affected by a certain, but the difference is not too big. For the ride. 6, pull a helmet, which is combined with the characteristics of the above several kinds of helmet and versatile derived helmet, functional and practical, commonly known as a pull a helmet. Compared with the full face much lower protection, brim, also many faults in the wind resistance. More than off-road helmets lenses, and the optimization of long-distance riding, usually brim and the lens are detachable. Suitable for pulling off-road riding.
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