A full face helmet covers the riders head plus

by:Nenki     2020-05-29
The FX-90 model, which is a full face AFX helmet for adults featuring superior graphics available in six unique colour combinations; black, red, white, blue, yellow and silver. The sizes available are XS, S, M, L, and XL AND XXL. The various variations include FX-90 Angel, FX-90 Skull, FX-90 Dragon, FX-90 Scalar and FX-90 Zombie, FX-90 Freedom, FX-90 Dare and FX-90 Rebel. The FX-100 model-comes in blue, pearl white, silver, black, red, wine and flat black combinations. The sizes range from X-small to 2X-large.The series on this model are FX-100 solids, FX-100 Skull, FX-100 Dragon and FX-100 Wave. The AFX helmets also feature the FX-16 model which comes in eight diverse colour combinations and has X-small to 4X-large sizes for adults and small to large sizes for youth. This model features FX-16 solids/multi and FX-16 skull. Other full-face models include FX-20, FX-28, FX-30 and FX-37. All AFX full face models have the following specifications; The shell is made of an amalgamated poly-alloy which is light, aerodynamic and made using the latest technology. The padding used to line the AFX full-face helmets is made of washable and removable antimicrobial (inhibits microorganism growth) nylon which is also hypo-allergenic (not likely to cause allergies). They feature a sizeable nook for speakers. It is fully vented through seven ventilation points at the forehead, rear head and chin and at the sides. An optically correct face shield that is scratch resistant and guards you against UV rays. Graphics and the paint are protected from scratching by presence of a clear finish. Bag made from cloth to carry the helmet. Remote controlled devices essential for inter-helmet communication. An AFX full size full-face motorcycle helmet usually weighs around 1.4kg. Advantages of a full face helmet:- It protects the head and face from most impacts since it covers the head and face. It features a nose piece made of rubber which can be removed whenever you want. It has air vents which can be closed whenever you want. They provide the clearest visibility due to the presence of the visor. Heavy padding on the sides protects the jaws, which are often very vulnerable to injury upon impact. Disadvantages:- They are bulky and very heavy compared to other types of helmets thus can cause neck fatigue. They can get pretty hot inside. They are usually more expensive than other types of helmets since they require more material and technology to manufacture. Hearing is also limited because of the heavy padding especially in crowded areas. Since it covers most of the head area, it limits the rider's peripheral vision.
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